MyCarSpot is a digital solution which facilitates and optimizes the management of shared spaces in a business, all in one application: parking spaces, workstations and the cafeteria.

The goal: Making it easier for employees to reserve spots and favor mobility. In the current context of a health crisis, MyCarSpot allows you to watch the attendance rate of your offices/workplaces and also ensure that the health of your workers isn’t being put at risk.

MyCarSpot, solution digitale de gestion des espaces partagés

An easy to use solution for managing shared spaces

Creation and settings of the site

The administrator creates their site according to the offer they have subscribed to (Parking spaces, workstations and/or cafeteria) and integrates their employees in MyCarSpot.

Space reservations by the users

The employees who need a space can request a space on MyCarSpot. The owners of the space can then free their spaces when they are out of the office.

Booking confirmation

The MyCarSpot algorithm distributes free spaces among the employees who have requested a space and sends them a confirmation email and notification to their mobile app.

Analysis and statistics

The administrators have access to detailed reports on how MyCarSpot is being used and also the occupancy rate of the space so that good strategic decisions can be made.

3 cumulative offers and accessible from a unique solution

Gestion parking entreprise - MyCarSpot

Car park management

Certain employees have their own parking space. However, due to traveling, working part time, working from home ou using public transport, their parking space is usually free!

MyCarSpot provides the possibility to reserve these spaces. Therefore, your employees can request a space and make the most out of the car park when they need to.

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Workstations management

Some of your employees have their own office but aren’t always there 100% of the time and will often leave them vacant. You have an open space without attributed places but your employees don’t know if there will be a free workstation before they arrive.

MyCarSpot allows them to anticipate their arrival at the office and reserve a workstation all while providing the administrator with a clear view of how many people will be at the office.

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gestion des postes de travail mycarspot

Cafeteria management

The company’s cafeteria can get busy during lunchtime. This can be very frustrating and a waste of time for the employees who must wait to get a table, as well as putting their health at risk due to the infringements of social distancing.

MyCarSpot allows you to limit the number of people in the cafeteria thanks to the seat reservation system according to time slots defined by the cafeteria manager.

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Our customers talk about it best

For our company, it’s about overhauling the mobility plan and facilitating the daily commuting for our employees to the Parisian headquarters based in Bourg-La-Reine. The reactivity of MyCarSpot is to be congratulated, just like the clarity of the application.

General services manager

Nielsen managed to reduce the parking spaces, and the costs in a real estate rental, without effecting the service provided to the users, thanks to MyCarSpot which offers an intelligent turnover system.

Nielson Facility manager, part of JLL France

Conseil départemental des Yvelines

The agents are more responsible: They have understood the benefit and respect the rules of the reservation system, therefore freeing more spaces for colleagues in case of an absence. We have evaluated that the number of free spaces has increased by at least 30%.

Florence DUHAMEL
Car fleet manager

Logo onet

Our employees quickly adopted MyCarSpot and immediately understood the benefits. Through the application, 60 places are assigned each day, on average, to our employees who make the request.

President of the supervisory board and the responsible development committee

Logo FranceAgrimer

From the moment we took the decision, we didn’t have any more parking issues.

Pierre Labruyère
Head of service


For our team who manage the car park, it is a breath of fresh air. The application distributes spaces automatically and gives them more time to focus on their other tasks. We are extremely happy with MyCarSpot, the system is easy to operate and the app is user friendly.

Tim Peterson
Security Department

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