Gestion de parking

Automated Company car park management

Perhaps you provide parking spaces to staff based on seniority, or depending on distance of travel from home to work, or other criteria. 

Because of travel issues, working from home, sickness or use of public transportation or bicycle, a few of these parking spaces are often left empty… What a waste!

Why not allow other employees to take advantage of these free spaces?

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Welcome to MyCarSpot

MyCarSpot is a service which simplifies the lives of both you and your employees by allocating available parking spaces to employees requesting a temporary space.


  • Automated solution,
  • Easy to use,
  • High return on investment,
  • Secure solution.



Logo MyCarSpot


Utilisateur avec place


Space owner

At any time, users with a permanent car park confirm, with a single click, whether or not they will be using it. If not, it can be shared with others!

Utilisateur sans place


Space requester

Any employee without a permanent car park space can self-register and ask for a free space. A few days before it is needed, MyCarSpot will notify the user about which space has been booked!

Gestion des utilisateurs


User management

The administrator specifies those users who have a permanent parking space, identifying their designated spaces. It is also possible to import a list of users.

Statistiques et historique


Statistics and logs

Global and detailed statistics are available for administrators. There is also a full log of car park activity. Administrators can download data and create their own reports.


Stéphane Seigneurin

Our digital car park solution meets a real demand related to current trends on sharing resources, and also enables companies to enhance their corporate image as modern, digital and delivering a higher employee satisfaction ratio.

Stéphane SEIGNEURIN, Founder / MyCarSpot
Alex Michel

Thanks to our extensive experience, we have managed to develop a simple yet efficient application to improve the quality of life of our users. Our mobile apps are used daily by thousands of happy MyCarSpotters!

Alexandre MICHEL, Associate / MyCarSpot


If you want to digitalize your company car park, to virtually increase its number of spaces or if you want to control entry to your parking facility from your mobile app or with a registration car plate camera, please feel free to contact-us!