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Subsea 7 optimises the Management of its car park in Sutton

subsea 7

Since January 2021, Subsea 7 has been using the MyCarSpot application to manage and control access to its car park of approximately 80 spaces.

The Subsea 7 issue

Subsea 7, a global leader in the delivery of offshore projects and services for the evolving energy industry, has an underground car park for their office in Sutton, England. This car park has a mix of bays that are allocated permanently and bays which are kept vacant for ad-hoc use. With an employee/parking space ratio of around 5:1, Subsea 7 were looking for a solution that would enable quick and easy access for their people to book a parking space whenever available.

At the end of 2020, after much searching, they chose MyCarSpot,

We were a little worried at first, because MyCarSpot was based in France and we were unsure about the level of technical support we would receive and how quickly we would get a response. However, right from the first online meetings, communication with the support team has been very easy and I can say with confidence that we are happy with the service that MyCarSpot team provides.”

Tim Peterson, who is responsible for managing building security for Subsea 7 in Sutton.

subsea 7

The use of MyCarSpot

Thanks to the MyCarSpot web and mobile app, employees who have an allocated space can release it remotely and change its status to available even when they are not at the office (remote work, holidays…). This allows the spaces, and the ones vacant for ad-hoc use, to be booked by other employees in just a few clicks on the app. The vacant spaces are automatically distributed by the MyCarSpot algorithm without any human action.

“For our team who manage the car park, it is a breath of fresh air. The application distributes spaces automatically and gives them more time to focus on their other tasks. Car Park users are very pleased with how user friendly the application is and how the app sends them their confirmations super quick. For Parking bay owners it couldn’t be easier as they have full control of their space and only have to confirm their usage requirements every two weeks – this cuts out the middle man, which we love!”

Tim Peterson, who is responsible for managing building security for Subsea 7 in Sutton.

In addition to space reservation and allocation, MyCarSpot manages the access control of the Subsea 7 car park thanks to an ANPR camera (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) installed at the entrance gate. Every 60 seconds, the vehicle list gets updated on the cloud and sent to the camera. If the driver has registered his vehicle and reserved a space on the day, the gate opens to allow entry


The benefits

Access control has therefore been greatly facilitated for Subsea 7. The app manages it automatically. Today, more than 200 employees use the app and share the use of the 80 car park spaces.

Thanks to the statistics provided by the app, the security team can follow the occupancy evolution of the car park. And results are here! The number of unoccupied spaces has decreased considerably since the introduction of MyCarSpot

“we are extremely happy with MyCarSpot, the system is easy to operate, the app is user friendly.”

Tim Peterson, who is responsible for managing building security for Subsea 7 in Sutton.

The Yvelines Departmental Council has opted for intelligent management of its car park

Conseil départemental des Yvelines

Since the end of 2019, the Yvelines Departmental Council (France) has been using MyCarSpot to manage its parking spaces. A look at the main features of this project, which began with the management of a 100-space car park.

The context of the Yvelines Departmental Council

The Department’s headquarters, located in the centre of Versailles, has a car park with 100 spaces for 450 staff members on this site. Until now, these spaces were allocated by name. As the car park was full, staff members were put on a waiting list to obtain an allocated space and have access to the car park. However, due to business travel, teleworking and holidays, it was not uncommon for spaces to remain unoccupied during the day!

« We had available spaces, but we could not allocate them temporarily to other agents, which created some frustration and dissatisfaction. »

Florence Duhamel, Car Fleet Manager

The implementation of MyCarSpot

A call for tenders is launched in the summer of 2019 to identify the most suitable solution to manage the car park in a simple and fast way. MyCarSpot responded and was selected. The project, led by the Vehicle Fleet Department of the General Resources Department, was launched in September. MyCarSpot was then deployed in a few weeks.

The benefits

Now, more than 200 vehicles have access to the car park of the Yvelines Departmental Council in Versailles, compared with 100 previously. The MyCarSpot application, which was quickly taken up by the staff, has enabled informal collaborative use to become widespread. Some employees were already in the habit of lending a non-holder colleague their parking space in case of absence. 

« The solution is very flexible and functional. The staff who use the reservation system are empowered. They have understood the benefits and comply with the systematic reservation rule, thus freeing up places for colleagues in the event of absence. This cooperation of all parties makes it possible to increase the number of spaces. We have estimated the potential for additional availability of spaces at at least 30%. »

Florence Duhamel, Car Fleet Manager

What next?

The solution has been extended to another 270 spaces car park of the Departmental Council in Guyancourt, a site occupied by 660 employees.
The application will also be used for visitor access at the Department’s two main sites.

« MyCarSpot will accompany the future reorganisation of car parks. For example, the future installation of electric terminals will require the redesign of parking spaces in certain areas. The application will limit the inconvenience of these changes by dynamically reallocating spaces. »

Christine Galland, Head of General Services

Like the Conseil Départemental des Yvelines, you too can opt for intelligent and digital management of your company car park!

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