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1. Create the car park

You create the virtual car park on the subscription page. Your private car park web space will be created with a format as follows:

This secure private space is dedicated to your organization; you have full control over who has access to the service.

The virtual space is available 24/7 from the web or from mobile applications.

2. Add users and spaces

You declare parking space owners, requesters, and unused parking spots.

Space owners will regularly declare if they need their space or not.

Requesters will be able to ask for a space at any time, up to 4 weeks before it is needed.

You can allow new requesters to create an account in self-service mode to minimize administration.


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3. Enjoy!

You can take now advantage of automated space allocation!

Empty spaces are automatically allocated daily around noon for the next day, depending on availability. You can define priorities in the way spaces are allocated to requesters.

Space owners validating their needs will always be sure to have their space.

Available for Android and iPhone

Mobile applications are the easiest way for users to define their needs in just a few seconds.

Our mobile apps are available for free on Google Play or the App Store.

Users can log in with the same credentials used to connect on the web, and will receive instant notifications when they receive a parking space or when their space is given for the day to someone else.

Requesters can declare their needs up to four weeks ahead of time and can change their mind at any time.

Mobile applications: the best way to check which space has been allocated, and to receive the parking map or access instructions.


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Mobile app
Statistics in your pocket!

As an administrator, you will have access to parking statistics and to administration features from your iPhone.




Instant notifications

Instant notifications for users, enabling them to know when they receive a parking space for the next day or when their space has been allocated to someone else.

Space owners

Every Monday space owners will receive a reminder to update their needs for the next few weeks. They can also confirm their needs manually at any time.

By default, space owners simply have to confirm with one click that they will be using their parking space. Otherwise, the space is considered to be available for other users. It’s a simple and effective way to make sure everyone regularly maintains accurate occupancy planning.

However, you can opt to designate an owner as a VIP user, which means that its parking space is considered to be occupied by default. In this case, the user doesn’t need to connect, and the space is available only if the owner has explicitly declared it to be available.

Titulaires de place
Demandeurs de place
Space requesters

Space requesters can request a parking space up to four weeks ahead of time.

Every day around noon, empty parking spaces are allocated to the space requesters. This leaves enough time for space owners to change their mind and gives space requesters adequate notice of where to park the next day.

Space requesters receive an email and a mobile app notification to let them know which space they have received, together with a link to the parking map or access instructions. Space owners are also notified that their space has been allocated to someone else for the day.

Parking spaces without owners are also allocated to space requesters.

Owned and unowned Parking spaces

A parking space can be allocated to specific owner, and in this case, the owner has to regularly confirm  their use of it (unless the owner is declared a VIP user).

Alternatively, a parking space can be left unallocated and MyCarSpot’s algorithm will first use this type of space to fulfil parking requests. Next, MyCarSpot’s algorithm will take the parking spaces declared empty by parking space owners.

Electric vehicle, disable space, bike, motorbike…

MyCarSpot can manage several type of parking spaces:

  • Electric vehicle space,
  • Disabled space,
  • Bicycle space,
  • Motorbike space,
  • Space limited to small cars.

MyCarSpot allocates parking spaces depending on user needs as indicated in their account. For example, a requester for an electric vehicle will receive this type of space unless there are no more available and the user has agreed to receive a standard parking space for this instance.

Designating “small car spaces” is an ideal way to manage complex car park layouts where large SUVs will not fit in all parking bays.

Parking and user management

You can have as many administrators as you want for your car park. An administrator has full control over users (creation, modification, deletion), over requests or reservations, and parking settings.

Administrators can also make changes on behalf of other users.

The parking administration is easy to use and you don’t need to do anything once the system is in place: parking will be automatically managed.

Administrators receive full reports on parking usage and have access to an exhaustive log history.

Users list
Statistics and detailed reports
Statistics and detailed reports

The administrator has access to parking statistics and can download data to create additional reports.

Reports can provide data on who is using parking spaces, who is granting their space, parking occupancy ratio, and more.

On average our customers benefit from a virtual 20% to 30% increase in parking spaces compared to a traditional way of managing a car park!

Registration plate recognition camera

MyCarSpot can also control a camera which recognizes registration plates.

If a user’s vehicle is expected in the parking facility for the day, the gate or door will be opened automatically.

All existing infrastructure (like badge readers) can be left in place and the camera simply added  to your gate control systems.

We can also put you in contact with professional camera installation specialists.

Caméra à reconnaissance de plaques
Module IoT pour ouvrir la barrière
An IoT module to open the gate

An IoT module is a small box which is connected to the Internet and to your gate control system.

An additional button is added in the MyCarSpot application if user has access to a parking space on the day, and the gate or door will open at the touch of the button, like magic!

The module can replace your existing remote control needs or badges if you wish. However, it’s also possible to keep everything which has already been installed.

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