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Managing workstations and desk sharing

The current issues with flexible working has forced businesses to reimagine their offices, optimize work space to takenew trends into account: flex office, desk sharing…

Give your teams a solution to manage desk-sharing! MyCarSpot is the digital solution to implement desk booking in your company. It simplifies workstation management, reservations and assignments to the employees that need a desk on a certain day, through a web or mobile application.

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Time saving

Once the solution is set up, the workstations are assigned automatically, no intervention is required from the business.

Well-being of the employees

MyCarSpot allows employees to anticipate their arrival at the office and reassures them that there is a free workstation.

Managing hygiene rules

The administrator can define an occupancy rate at the office and/or the rooms in order to ensure the employees are safe from a health perspective.

Easy to use

MyCarSpot is an intuitive solution, easy to learn. In just a few minutes, the site is set up and available to the employees.

How does it work ?

Creation and settings

The administrator creates the work places, the workstations, the teams and integrates the employees in MyCarSpot.

Using declaration

The holders of a workstation declare regularly the usage or the availability of their workstation for the next few days.

Reservation requests

The employees who need a workstation at a certain date can request it on MyCarSpot.

Workstation assignment

The free workstations are assigned automatically according to priority rules set by the administrator.


Users - Workstations management MyCarSpot
  • Simplified integration of company employees
  • Secure access for each employee: login to MyCarSpot with personal credentials
  • Option: Login with Single Sign On (SSO)
  • User types: Workstation owners (with or without automatic desktop validation without action on their part) and requesters (priority or not according to defined criteria)
  • Definition of work teams for a better allocation of workstations (all members in the same space, priority team over another…)
  • Definition of the workstations and their typology: desks assigned to an employee, open access desks, etc.
  • Specification of the type of workstation: small, large, double screen…
  • Creation of rooms and work spaces: open space allocated to a team, open space for all…
  • Definition of a maximum occupancy rate for spaces and the building
Offices - Workstations management MycarSpot
Desk booking - Desk sharing management MyCarSpot
  • Release of your workstation in case of absence (teleworking, holidays, travel, illness…)
  • Reservation of a workstation according to need up to 4 weeks in advance, by half-day or full day
  • Automatic allocation using the MyCarSpot algorithm: either equity or chronologically
  • Confirmation by email and notification via the app with practical information on how to get to the right spot (floor, zone…)
  • Notification of the holder if his office is allocated
  • Management of the days off and/or connection to your HRIS to disable the booking during closed days, holidays…
  • Complete history of user activity: number of connections, number of new users, who plays the game or not…
  • History of employees present in the building: warning in case of a health issue in a certain room or space (COVID contact for example)
  • CSV and Excel export
Statistics - Workstations management MyCarSpot

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