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MyCarSpot raises 1.2M€ together with Irdi Soridec Gestion

Maybe you are following our activity and we are proud to announce that we continue to deliver our 2020 roadmap as expected and we announce a raise of 1.2M€ to boost our international development and also our product development.

MyCarSpot lève 1,2M€ avec Irdi Soridec

MyCarSpot has been created a bit more than 2 years ago to enhance the journey of your coworkers thanks to the optimization of corporate car parks, saving 30% spaces every day for our loyal Customers. We recently added the ability to manage corporate canteens and office spaces, in the context of the COVID 19 crisis. Some lucky Customers have also discovered our brand-new colorful user interface, but we will come back to this in another post.

Why is it good news?

This fundraise, we had announced it at our 2020 agenda, and we closed it. And it is a fantastic news!
First, it is a brilliant illustration of the success of MyCarSpot over the French market but also over Europe where we already deliver the service: Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, UK, and Spain.

Irdi Soridec is our VC partner to help us grow the Business across Europe. They manage close to 400M€ of funds and they trust us to continue our rapid expansion in the B2B market of the enterprise resource management.

This fundraise enables us to reinforce our team to sustain the growth and to continue to innovate through product deliveries in the coming months and years. We have various positions opened: Business Developer, Customer Success Manager, Growth Hacker and Full Stack Developer.

About the 1.2M€ fundraise

The fundraise has been closed together with Irdi Soridec Gestion, a VC management company together with a pool of banks led by BPI France.

The fundraise will help MyCarSpot to deliver its international growth, to structure the company and to help the technological development of the B2B services.

For more details, please feel free to contact us: contact.

MyCarSpot Team.