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The new version of MyCarSpot: a redesigned user interface

Since few weeks, we have been pushing a new version of MyCarSpot with a fully redesigned user interface which offers a solution to manage corporate parking lots but also workstation reservations.

A redesigned interface. What for?

Since mid-2020 and the COVID-19 crisis, many Customers asked us to extend the scope of MyCarSpot to be able to manage reservations of desks and time slots at the company canteen. To integrate the new capabilities, we have completely redesigned the user interface.

We have been able to achieve the project thanks to ‘Design-Thinking’ methods integrating all stakeholders: designers, marketing, developers, sales and customers.

The new user interface enables to manage the corporate parking spaces, the slots for the company canteen (a user can choose when to go for lunch with a real-time access to the number of spaces remaining) and the office desks. A user can place reservations instantly depending on rights to access the car park or the office. User rights can be different depending on which company site the user wants to go to.

Here is the new mobile user interface:

And the interface from a web browser on a computer:

Corporate solution to manage parking lots

The immediate benefit for Customer is to digitalize the management of the company site. The software solution enforces the maximum filling capacity ratio of the site and of every office based on settings put in place by the site manager. The information on which space is free is available in real-time and users know which space they can take.

Opening the parking lot gate is easy from the mobile application as soon as a valid reservation exists.

MyCarSpot FLEX offer is particularly suited for the management of resources: whatever the resource (parking space, canteen seat or desk) the price just depends on the number of managed resources. It’s easy to modify the number of resources managed by customers.

Digital desk management

The solution enables to define teams and rooms associated to priorities. Depending on the settings, the most strategic teams will access the office first (support, sales, marketing, production, …) and offices will be filled while respecting the maximum capacity ration of each office and the entire site. If an office is full, it is possible to define overflow strategies to put team members in other offices depending on availabilities.

Office managers have access to all the data: list of people on site on a particular day, who is at the office and who is expected in the coming days. They can also access a dashboard with statistics which can be downloaded.

Corporate canteen digital management

For the corporate lunchroom, it is possible to define several time slots: 12AM, 1PM… The capacity of the canteen is a setting. The user can select a slot while viewing in real-time the number of available seats remaining. Requests are validated immediately.

Office managers can define a time limit so that it is not possible to book seat at the canteen after a particular time of the day. At the time limit, the list of reservations is sent to the office manager in charge of the canteen.

Please feel free to contact us for more details, to start a free trial and to digitalize your processes.

See you soon on MyCarSpot.

The MyCarSpot Team